Aspen Heights community lacks bus stop

22 09 2011
(Aspen Heights Bus Route script)

Budget constraints are what’s keeping the Aspen Heights housing community from having its own bus stop on LSU’s Tiger Trails bus line according to LSU Parking and Transportation Director Gary Graham.

“We can only go to the students every four years and ask for an increase,” Graham said. “Three years ago when we did this, Aspen Heights wasn’t on the horizon at all.”

There was confusion among some residents when they moved in to the new housing community. Some thought there wouldn’t be a stop while others thought a bus stop was a done deal.

Aspen Heights Sales and Marketing Manager Erica Moffatt said management clearly stated to potential residents that they were trying to get a stop on a LSU bus line, but stressed nothing was final.

“There are those that took us saying ‘we’re hopeful, we’re optimistic,’ they became hopeful and optimistic too,” Moffatt said. “And it’s easy to turn that positive into, ‘Yeah, we’re on it.’”

Photos taken by Derek Ochoa




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